Job hunting used to be a much simpler affair.

You would send your standard CV to a few recruitment agencies – one that specialised in your sector or to a recommended head-hunter and then sit back and wait for the calls.

Today’s job market is far more proactive and dynamic. We can’t ignore the impact of Covid-19. It has challenged how and where we work and affected the whole application process, which is now almost exclusively online. As a result, the rise in flexible and remote working can’t be undone and is likely to dictate the scope of future roles.

Times are changing

From the depths of coronavirus comes the green buds of recovery including the necessity, and indeed opportunity, to reskill for new roles and join industries that are experiencing growth.  Analyst and Public Policy Adviser at the CIPD Gerwyn Davies is encouraging job seekers to be ‘strategic’ and target sectors experiencing shortages as well as those that are growing which include engineering and programming.

Recruiting has become a more complex landscape of job portals, applicant tracking systems (ATS)  – which speedily identify keywords and phrases in your CV and automatically select the most relevant –  online numerical and problem-solving assessments, competency-based interviews and AI facial analysis which measures your facial expressions to capture your mood and assess personality traits. If this last point leaves you feeling a little breathless, you might benefit from our tailored interview coaching which can help you tap into proven techniques to perfect your approach.

“Getting a professional to write your CV results in a best in class document showcasing your expertise, experience and achievements with keywords tailored to the AI engines of recruiters. It also gives you a deep understanding of your own skill set, career milestones and strengths which make up your very own USP, hence boosting much needed self-confidence.” Manon & Matt, Executive, Global Asset Manager & MD, Top Tier Investment Bank

So before you start your next job search, here are our top tips for success:

1. There’s no getting away from LinkedIn

With 774+million users in over 200 countries worldwide, LinkedIn is a vital part of your job-hunting strategy.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is always up to date, relevant and reflects your experience, skills, personality and value. 99% of recruiters declare it an essential tool. As well as polishing your profile, spend time contributing to discussions, writing articles and posts and joining professional groups to boost your visibility. If you don’t feel you’re leveraging the power of LinkedIn, talk to our expert team for advice and guidance.

Remember that as many as 70% of jobs are not advertised. We know of plenty of referral schemes where employees are given a bonus if they refer a successful candidate so use your network, contacts and connections to seek out these kind of opportunities. Word of mouth is still a highly effective mechanism.

2. Ramp up your research

With the Internet at our fingertips, there is no excuse for not researching the background of potential employers. Scour the websites of companies that interest you. Jump onto their Media section for press releases, announcements, news and developments and to gain an awareness of their culture. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms. Talk to people who work there. Talk to us, too… we may know people who work there.

3. Make it personal

Tailor your application, covering letter and CV to suit the role that interests you. Use every opportunity to show that you’re a perfect match for a prospective employer. We can help you structure these personal branding documents in the  most compelling way, which will boost your chances of being shortlisted. And if you’re concerned about any gaps or pauses in your career history, we can help you turn these into a positive. For people returning to the marketplace after a career break, take a look at Victoria’s article on applying with confidence.

“Preparing for an interview in a COVID19/Brexit/digital/WFH world is a daunting task for everybody and especially for a returner. As part of the Executive Impact Programme, City CV provided me with the services of an executive coach who acted as a sounding board, life coach, sparring partner and motivator, injecting energy and belief into never-ending interview rounds, advising on wardrobe and laptop set-up and endlessly adapted, rehearsed, and perfected my pitch. Signing up to the City CV ‘Executive Impact’ package has been the best investment in our careers.”  Manon & Matt, Executive, Global Asset Manager & MD, Top Tier Investment Bank

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