City CV Partner Programme

What is the City CV Partner Programme?

Our Partner programme enables us to offer support to as many people as possible throughout their careers. Our established Partner network includes recruitment agencies, professional bodies and membership organisations. We share a common goal with our Partners to empower job seekers and transform careers.

Our Partners can give their audiences access to our powerful expertise through our webinar programmes and other content. Our popular webinars are interactive and inspirational, encompassing a range of topics from creating perfect CVs, harnessing the power of LinkedIn, through to empowering women and other topical career challenges. We provide promotional materials and organisational support to ensure the success of every event.

Key Partner benefits:

  • It enhances your brand significantly increasing your member or candidate numbers
  • Gives added value to your members or candidates – with little extra work by you – through webinars
  • Access to our industry-leading content that you can share on your own blogs and newsletters
  • Genuinely provides a platform for your members or candidates to be more successful in their careers, linking this success to you
  • Our CV writing services, coaching, and LinkedIn packages will mean your candidates secure more interviews, promotions and new jobs due to our services & content – this has been proven time and time again
  • Passive revenue stream & full event reporting on who is engaging, how they view your brand and the content they want to consume
  • Full transparency and agreement on how the referral process works and benefits both parties
  • Branded landing page on the City CV website with tailored offers

Why partner with us?

We’re the leading career and CV consultancy with a reputation for quality and results. We have won international industry awards for the CVs we create and our team of experts provide support to thousands of individuals, from graduate to CEO, globally every year. Our career-related webinars and workshops receive fantastic feedback every time. We are regularly featured as a careers expert in leading media.

Do you charge anything?

No, there is no cost to become a Partner.

How is it profitable?

You have the opportunity to create a passive revenue stream through sales that come to us. For every referral you make that becomes a sale, we will pay you commission. These referrals are usually via webinar registrations or directly referring us to your members.

What’s the next step?

Once we have received your Partner request (via the form below), we’ll set up an initial call to run through your objectives, take you through our webinar topics and discuss which would be of most value to your audience and agree a programme of events. We’ll then send you a Partner Agreement which forms the basis of the partnership to ensure it is mutually beneficial.

"It was certainly thought provoking, extremely interesting and engaging, a really useful session"

“Brilliant. A super insightful and thought-provoking conversation!”

“I wish I had attended this webinar at the start of my career. I believe it would have had a dramatic influence on my confidence.”

"Amazing presentation, a realisation that so many other people are going through the same thing. So many symptoms I didn’t realise. "

How Do We Become A Partner?

Complete the form below and submit your Partner request.