Award-winning International Career Consultancy

Supporting, enriching and transforming careers.

Outplacement Services

Value your team and protect your business with bespoke, practical career transition and outplacement support.

Engagement & Retention

Engage and retain your talent with career development support for all your staff, from board level to back office.

Corporate Bios

Win and retain business with powerful employee LinkedIn profiles and web bios that reflect your corporate brand.

Executive Coaching

Career Packages

Nurture your leadership team with an expert sounding board. Fresh perspective and insight will boost performance.

Higher Education

Enhance graduate employability and league table ranking with our tailored, industry-specific career programmes.

Workshops & Webinars

Group workshops and webinars provide your employees with the skills, techniques and confidence they need for career success.

Why City CV?


Immediate Return on Investment:

Our experts do all the hard work for you and your team. Expect: increased employability; enhanced performance, practical career support; nurtured employees; strengthened brand.

Market Experts:

Specialist career consultants, writers and executive career coaches with backgrounds across all areas of banking, law, business, industry, finance, technology, project management, marketing, creative, HR and more.

Insider Know-how:

Clients success derives from our unique blend of exceptional writing and coaching talent, fused with in-depth understanding of how UK and international employers make hiring decisions.


Made to Measure:

Coaching and writing tailored to each individual. Strategic content and delivery generate unprecedented success.


Prize Winning:

City CV has won multiple awards in the international TORIs, the ‘Oscars’ of the CV writing world. We are driven to excel and be the best.


Stand Out:

Marketing is a specialist skill and one we are extremely passionate about. City CV writers and coaches are handpicked and rigorously trained in how to best present clients to beat their competition.

Quality Guaranteed:

Our writing and coaching are subject to an exacting quality process, overseen by our CEO (a former headhunter and blue-chip recruitment manager) and our in-house Professor of English.


It’s Personal:

We are passionate about supporting our clients and nurturing their power to change. Our professionalism and commitment to you drives everything we do.