Interview Coaching

You only have one chance to prove you’re the ideal candidate, and interview coaching can help you seize that opportunity and change your life for the better.

Our experts provide job interview coaching tailored to executives and professionals, including specialists in public, legal and IT sectors, so your coach will have the knowledge you need to succeed.

Maximise your Interview Performance

On paper, you may tick all the boxes, but with a market average of 27 applications to secure just one job interview, you must make the most of every opportunity. The best candidates are frequently beaten by more confident, compelling contenders.

It’s essential to maximise your interview performance to seal the deal – you only have one chance to prove you are the ideal candidate. Our interview preparation coaches will allow you to unlock the expertise and inside knowledge of an industry professional helping to secure that dream job that you have always been thinking about.

We also know that no two candidates are the same. We create a specific job interview coaching strategy for each individual. Our experienced interview coaches help plan for every type of interview at every level.

Why invest in interview training?

Successful interview techniques vary depending on the role you’re going for, the organisation you’re working in and the level of seniority you’re at. Interview coaching can help make sure you hit the exacting criteria around all of the above, helping you with things like:


  • Gaining additional confidence 
  • Calming nerves 
  • Developing self belief
  • Learning from constructive feedback and comments 
  • Improving body language and interpersonal skills
  • Gaining inside industry knowledge 
  • Mock interviews and interview ‘dry runs’ 

Interview Coaching Online and in London

Our tailored one-to-one job interview coaching takes place online via video, face-to-face in London, or a blend of the two. You will see an immediate increase in your interview confidence so that you can convince the interviewer that you are the perfect fit.

As former headhunters, HR professionals and executives, we have interviewed countless shortlisted applicants and made tough selection decisions. In short, we know things about the interview process that most people don’t. 

Through job interview coaching, you will be able to access our insider knowledge of how corporate recruitment works. We know what makes recruiters tick, what impresses employers and how hiring decisions are made, both in the UK and internationally. We can advise you on how to demonstrate your ROI, cultural fit and potential to excel.

If you need any advice, we are just a phone call away:

“Quick message to say a huge thanks to you, Godfrey and Tony for all your help and expertise in getting me the role I wanted. I was offered a Head of Role on Friday afternoon, and am sure that it wouldn’t have happened without a shiny CV and the work we did with Tony to get my story straight. Delighted, thanks!”

Alex B, Product Developer

“A combination of the CV and interview advice not only successfully landed my desired position but came with a significantly higher salary than originally expected.”

Stuart, Commercial Consultant

What Does Interview Training Include?


Preparation and articulation of your pitch:

Demonstrate your ROI by telling and selling your story with conviction and from a position of strength.


Strategic interview answers:

Structure powerful responses to competency-based, motivational, technical, pressure, curveball and criteria-based interview questions – we can show you how to score high against the interviewer metrics.


Mock Interview / Roleplay:

Customised to your chosen role, company and industry, including practice for every scenario.


Topping and tailing:

Build rapport and ask the right questions to impress and implicitly sell yourself throughout. A strong ‘connection’ with your interviewer can seal the deal.


Performance Coaching:

Improve eloquence, body language, demeanour, voice clarity and projection. Overcome interview nerves and imposter syndrome – common at the highest level – to deliver every answer with impact. Our presentation skills coach can help perfect your delivery.


Panel, video and phone interviews:

Different interview situations require different modus operandi. We’ll prepare you for every eventuality.


Assessment centres:

Group tasks and assessment centres can be daunting. We’ll help you excel and show you how to behave.


Cross Industry Advice:

Our expert interview coaches have supported thousands of clients to realise their potential and secure their target role.

Executive and Professional Interview Coaching Packages

There are 2 main job interview training packages that you can choose from: the Executive Package, and the Professional Package. Both of these packages have been developed to provide you with tips and tricks which are known to improve your success rate. 

Each package has 3 options to choose from: 4, 8 and 12-hour sessions, which will not only help you prepare for the interview itself, but will also help you gain insights into how you performed during it. 

Cost of Interview Coaching

Our interview training packages start at £860.00 for a 4-hour coaching session. We also offer 8 and 12-hour coaching sessions that will help you develop essential skills, foster your sense of self-belief and become a more confident person.

Regardless of the chosen package, you will work with one of our interview coaching specialists that will minimise your weaknesses and highlight your strengths to ensure that your interview success rate increases significantly.

If you are unsure of what package or duration you should choose from, then contact our team today and we will help you pick the right one based on your experience and your needs.

See what other professionals say about their experience of interview coaching with City CV.

Interview Training to Boost Your Career

City CV interview coaching will provide you with the performance techniques to succeed at interview. We’ll help you to create and deliver structured, strategic interview answers to a wide range of potential interview questions, helping the interviewer buy into ‘Brand You’.

We work with you to improve eloquence, overcome interview anxiety and increase personal credibility, gravitas and impact. We will also help you strengthen your negotiation skills to help you seal the deal and secure the salary you want. 

How Does The Interview Coaching Process Work?



Order online or by phone:

Our interview coaching is via video, face to face in London, or a blend of the two. We welcome clients from all over the world and arrange sessions to fit your time zone, including evenings and weekends.


Tailored to you:

You will be matched with a coach according to your target role and experience. We tailor each interview coaching session in line with your development areas and exact needs. Every client programme is unique. 


Interview debrief:

Debriefing post-interview is invaluable to help understand how your interview went. Book a coaching session to chat through your performance and discuss any interview support you may need for the next step. 


Offer negotiation:

Our collective understanding and expertise of the employment market is second-to-none. We can support you to ensure you understand your value proposition and leverage potential, and negotiate with confidence. 

Call +44 (0)20 7100 6656 or email our expert team to discuss your career transformation.

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