Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can help you take your expectations to aspirations and will allow you explore the way you act, behave and present yourself as a leader.

Our executive coaching services will develop you as an individual and a leader to impact results. Choose one of our packages that are available face to face in London, or online.


Who is executive coaching for?

City CV’s executive coaching services are tailored to executives and professionals across all types of organisations. This may include (but isn’t limited to) HR, CEOs and the C-suite, leaders, and any other professionals within your organisation.


Why invest in our Executive Coaching?

Tailored executive coaching can help you improve your performance at work, develop strong leadership skills and navigate those challenges that top-level decision makers face.

From an organisational perspective, a study by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) showed that 86% of organisations saw a positive ROI following their executive coaching sessions, and 96% of those who had an executive coach said they would have one again.

Ultimately, executive coaching leads to increased productivity, higher levels of performance, improved communication and stronger relationships – all things which will enable you to progress and stand out.

If you need any advice, we are just a phone call away:

“Thanks for the time you’ve spent mentoring me and helping me boost my confidence! It’s been a real game changer, and in such a short time!

I feel that by (politely but firmly) raising the subject of package and promotion with my new boss right at the start, I’ve cleared the road ahead and set the tone as someone who works hard, knows his value and – while not a mercenary – is not afraid to do the money talk.”

Anonymous, Director Investment Bank

Executive Coaching Packages

Our executive coaching packages are flexible meaning you can book 4, 8 or 12 hour coaching sessions based on your needs. If you decide you need longer, then simply speak to your coach and we will make the necessary amends to ensure you get the most out of your training. 

Cost of Our Coaching Packages

The cost of our executive coaching packages can vary based on your needs, but generally they start at £1,300.00 for a 4 hour session. For custom packages, please contact us and we will provide you with a bespoke solution or a custom quote.

How does executive coaching work and what can I expect?

Business and executive coaching is a partnership. Our virtual sessions help you reflect on your experience and role. Together, we will help you focus on your development, enriching professional relationships and boosting performance. The results will be self-evident.

You will be supported by a City CV executive coaching consultant, an expert who has worked extensively with senior executive leaders and who recognises the challenges that operating at this level involves.


Enhanced professional relationships


Build and nurture powerful teams


Boost performance, productivity and profitability across the organisation


Heightened confidence and drive


Overcome imposter syndrome


Greater self-awareness and empathy


Improved authority and leadership capabilities

How does the process work?


Order online or by phone:

Sign up for one to twelve months. Often clients work with their executive coach throughout their career and we frequently offer longer programmes for many clients. 


Sessions tailored to you:

Our executive coaching is via video, face to face in London, or a blend of the two. We welcome clients from all over the world and arrange sessions to fit your time zone, including evenings and weekends.


Chemistry matched:

You will be chemistry matched with an executive coach according to your goals and priorities. We tailor each session to your development needs. Each client programme is unique.


Working in partnership:

Executive coaching is a partnership that evolves with you and your career. Your executive coach supports you to progress, improve performance, and make key life and career decisions.

Call +44 (0)20 7100 6656 or email our expert team to discuss your career transformation.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

Working with an executive coach will help you gain perspective and insight into yourself as well as issues that you may be facing within your professional career.

You’ll develop a deeper sense of self-awareness through understanding how you manage conflict, what you rate/tolerate in your team and how you can boost resilience. You will become aware of your ‘blind spots’ and recognise any beliefs or attitudes that may be blocking clear vision and holding you back. You will win respect, engender team spirit in colleagues and improve business outcomes.

As your sounding board, your executive coaching consultant will free you up to focus on raising your game, productivity and performance. Executive coaching develops you as an individual and a leader to impact results.


Book Your Coaching Session Today

We can provide executive coaching services at a time to suit you. You’ll enjoy a tailor-made partnership with an industry expert who can work closely with you to improve and enhance your career. We provide our services online by using some of the most common video conferencing softwares as well as face to face meetings in London.

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