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City CV work with businesses and organisations who want to implement an ongoing support system for their staff and members throughout their careers. We deliver in-depth sessions on relevant and current topics affecting their teams.
In all instances we can tailor these sessions to ensure they are bespoke to your workforce, seniority and industry. These, typically one hour-long, sessions are an extremely effective way of reaching and helping a large number of people at once.

Group workshops and webinars provide your employees with the skills, techniques and confidence they need for career success.

Menopause Programme


Be the change. Period: Menopause in the workplace

Designed specifically for leaders and Human Resources, this webinar focuses on the top facts you need to know about the menopause and the impact on your employees, why the menopause is a workplace issue and top tips to stop menopausal women leaving your organisation.

Break the workplace taboo: the menopause and your career

We walk female employees through how they can successfully navigate their way and support each other through this potentially overwhelming time of their lives and how they can deal with the menopause at work, with plenty of practical solutions and real-life examples.

Diversity & Inclusivity Programme


Sorry not sorry. Why women apologise too much | Shift the narrative & take control of your career

This workshop focuses on the negative impact the ‘apologising habit’ has on women’s careers and how to break that habit. This fun and interactive session shows women how to talk confidently and unapologetically to get the balance right.

The five headwinds in a woman’s career

In this workshop we look at five of the biggest challenges women face in their careers and how to tackle them. From career breaks and imposter syndrome through to smashing the glass ceiling and the art of self-promotion, this session will leave women feeling more confident and empowered.

Hear me roar: Unleash your inner lioness

This workshop explores the theme of #LikeAGirl, a well-known campaign which reclaimed ‘like a girl’ as a positive phrase and no longer an insult. We examine the prevalence of gender bias in the workplace and give tips and strategies to confront and change it.

Embrace your imposter

Imposter syndrome comes in many forms – not just self-doubt. This session looks at what it is, how it can manifest itself and why we get it. We’ll take a dive into the realities of imposter syndrome with some real-life case studies and then walk through some solutions to help overcome the feelings of being an imposter in the workplace.


The Power of No

It might be tempting to say yes to everything. It might feel like we’re setting ourselves apart by taking extra responsibilities
or working late. However, saying “No” and setting boundaries at work is crucial for many reasons. This session looks at five types of boundaries and how to set them for the benefit of everyone.

A Brand New, Brand You

Marketing is all about standing out. To do that, participants need to be armed with a strong understanding of their value and uniqueness. We are expert in helping individuals verbalise their strengths on paper, in person and online. This bespoke, interactive workshop helps participants shape themselves and their brand for their internal and external networks, gives them the confidence to excel in their career, enhancing prospects of promotion and career success.


Head, Heart and Hands | Building An Inclusive Culture

‘Diversity Equity and Inclusion’ is about doing the right thing morally in the workplace. Knowing more about who we are and how we function allows us to live our lives by design rather than by default and create a safe and inclusive environment for all to thrive. This session will give participants a deeper understanding of how this translates individually, leaving with practical advice and feeling more comfortable and confident with the topic.

Stay visible in a hybrid world

According to Forbes, employees “who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work”. But how do you do this when you’re sitting behind a computer screen at home? Designed for anyone who works flexibly or from home, this webinar explains what visibility means in the workplace and why it’s important, and provides practical solutions and tips for staying visible even when you’re not in the office.

Raising the game | help your employees to thrive

The focus on wellbeing and emotional resilience has never been greater or more needed. In this session we share insights on how organisations can create robust and impactful wellbeing strategies that enhance emotional resilience, along with some shining examples of firms that have done this really well.
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Additional Services


We work with a myriad of organisations from industry bodies, clubs and associations to SMEs, global giants, public sector bodies and charities, providing tailored webinar programmes to build leadership skills, employee engagement and progression, and accelerate career advancement and the DE&I agenda

Learning Content

We can create learning content for you to reinforce the sessions. We can also provide career advice in the form of a quarterly article for your internal communications.

“It was great and an eye opener! Thank you.”  

“Thank you for today Victoria; a really informative session and a huge turnout from our office here in Bristol, to include a lot of men! Thanks again.” 

“We organised a tea party and everyone in the office (both men and women) watched your webinar while enjoying home-made cakes and biscuits !! It generated lots of chat and laughs … definitely made us all think and we all loved the idea of expressing gratitude rather than regret. Lots to think and act on...” 

“I would highly recommend Victoria. Firstly, let me say this was a safe, interactive and easy to participate webinar. Immediately felt at ease with Victoria and confident to speak up. Very informative, full of useful advice and support – covering all areas of menopause and supporting a culture of change and commitment for individuals and within the workplace. I feel empowered to speak openly to support our people and our organisation.”  

“An excellent and informative presentation which should be rolled out to all organisations. It is great to see this topic finally being addressed and women pushing this agenda for the good of all.” 

“Great webinar: informative, interesting, engaging. 

“What an amazing session Victoria, thank you so much for the inspiration.” 

“We had the “Sorry, Not Sorry” training at work…One of the best courses I have ever been on because all the “sorry for the delay / can I just / would you mind / only if it’s no trouble” examples were so relatable!” 

“I wanted to say thank you for your presentation today. The words bossy, aggressive, and assertive have all been applied to me in a negative sense and what you said really hit home so thank you. The videos certainly brought a tear to my eye and I will take forward the messages of empowerment!”

“I feel so incredibly fortunate to have landed up in an organisation with the emotional intelligence and willingness to run sessions like today’s. The idea of there being positive attributes to having an imposter is a new one to me, but now I’ve thought about it, of course there are.” 

“Thank you for taking the time to deliver your inspirational keynote presentation at last week’s IWN event. It really inspired the audience and gave all of us – men and women – some good advice for navigating our careers, and stimulated some excellent conversation at the networking session afterwards. You clearly put a lot of thought and planning into the session, for which we are very grateful.” 

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