Board | C-suite | NED Programme

Whatever stage your board, NED or C-suite career is at, you need to market the value you will bring to the organisation.

Why invest in our Board | C-suite | NED Programme?

Today’s business leaders face an increasingly complex set of global financial, political and socio-economic challenges and consequently look to hire the expert skills and guidance they need to drive the business forward.

The necessity to market the value you bring to an organisation remains unchanged. City CV’s programme will guide you through four key stages to effectively showcase your value:

Stage 1: Career Strategy

Stage 2: Marketing Strategy

Stage 3: Search Strategy

Stage 4: Interview Strategy

Transitioning into a C-suite, board or NED role requires a shift in focus.

C-suite / board / NED CVs differ from standard CVs in context, purpose, audience and outcome. It needs to be focused, strategic and convey the requisite skillset to make an effective contribution at the highest level. We understand how to shape your CV, LinkedIn profile and executive bio to enable the board to recognise and have confidence in your authority, your organisational fit and the value you will add to the boardroom dynamic.

We help you to articulate your pitch, refine your approach, network and build executive search relationships. We produce all your promotional material and provide interview coaching to boost your buyability, confidence and success.

Whether expanding your existing portfolio career or stepping up, City CV’s programmes help navigate the C-suite / board / non-exec search and recruitment field to ensure that the energy you invest in your job search delivers results.

Our Chief Executive, Victoria McLean, has led sessions for both the IoD and Women on Boards on how board members should best position themselves online and on paper to perfect their brand and secure future appointments. Client successes include roles for major corporates, private and public bodies, NGOs and in the not-for-profit sector.

“Not only did I get an interview, I bypassed the long list interviews and went straight through to the shortlist.”

Niamh, Board Executive

If you need any advice, we are just a phone call away:

I’d been considering NED roles for quite a while and although I knew they would take my law career to the next level, I wasn’t quite sure where to start. Fortunately, City CV was recommended to me and once I was in their professional hands, they helped me to identify and prepare for the roles I really wanted.

My expertly written NED CV was focused and strategic.

As a result I’m now paid to sit on two boards and have plans to add to my NED portfolio. I couldn’t be happier.

Sandra, Director, NED and General Counsel

Our Approach

Stage 1: Career Strategy

This initial stage puts you in control of your career strategy. Your dedicated coach will work with you to identify your value, strengths and aspirations. Together, we define the skillset you bring to a board and refine your brand to correctly position you in the board / NED marketplace. In these sessions you determine appropriate companies and opportunities that match your expertise.

Stage 2: Marketing Strategy

Board or NED CV | LinkedIn | Executive Bio

Joining a board does not necessarily follow normal hiring procedures. You may be invited, head-hunted or put your name on a generic board shortlist. Whatever the route, you must illustrate your sector expertise, commercial value and fit. We know how to make this happen. Following an in-depth 90-minute consultation, we will bring your strengths and potential contribution to life in a suite of personal marketing documents designed to spark interest and generate approaches.

Stage 3: Search Strategy

Why are you interested in joining a board? Why might you want to build up a non-executive portfolio? How does your background translate into the strategic overview and constructive challenge required from directors? By enabling you to answer these and other questions, we enable your search to be at its most productive. We help you identify the most appropriate distribution channels for your job search, optimise your usage of LinkedIn to enhance your digital brand and accelerate up the LinkedIn rankings, and engage with appropriate headhunters to build relationships that will enrich your search and match you with the board that can best utilise your talents.

Stage 4: Interview Strategy

Our board and NED interview coaching provides the preparation, techniques and practice you need to manage the board interview process, including how to demonstrate specific board-level advisory skills and how to establish the interpersonal dynamic that will convince an organisation you are right for their board.

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