As part of our job interview coaching we can discuss appropriate questions that would be suitable in any interview situation, like:
• Why has the position become available?
• What do you feel I would need to accomplish in this role to be regarded as “excellent”?
• How do you feel I could add the most value to your team? Where do you feel I will have the most impact?
• What would I be doing within my first two months?
• What are some of the qualities that you celebrate in your employees?
• How do you encourage your employees to develop?
• What are the team’s / organisation’s goals in the short term and in the future?
• I understand that your main competitors are x, y and z. What do you feel are your USPs? What gives you the competitive edge?
• How does this position fit within the overall team structure?
• How would you describe the work environment / the team?
• Is there much interaction between different divisions within the firm?
• What do you feel are the best things about working here?
• If I am successful today, what are the next steps?
• Does the business/ team have plans for future expansion?
• How is the current climate (insert something current and relevant here such as the VAT hike / BP oil spill / public sector redundancies) affecting the strategy of your team/company?
• How is the current economic climate affecting your clients and how does this impact you?
• What are the challenges your business is facing at the moment? How does this impact the role?
• What aspirations do you have for the successful candidate?
• What are the main objectives of your team / this position?
• What do you feel are the key skills essential for success in this role?
• What obstacles do you forsee in reaching the role’s/team’s objectives?
• How would you describe the organisational culture?
• Are you happy that I have covered everything? Can I provide any more detail?

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