You might think that preparing for an interview is stressful – but the period after, when you’re waiting to hear back from your prospective new employer, is equally strenuous. You send them a thank you email, wait patiently for a day or two, then less patiently for another week, until you finally get the call from your recruiter. You didn’t get the gig. And even more frustratingly, the feedback your recruiter offers you is vague and unhelpful.

So you can’t help it. You go into post-match analysis mode, and you dissect the interview from start to finish. What went wrong? Here’s a helpful checklist to bear in mind before you go to your next interview:

  1. Punctuality. It sounds incredibly obvious, but it bears repeating – never, ever be late for an interview, as it sets a horrible precedent for what your timekeeping will be like once you get the job. Equally, don’t arrive hours in advance.  Aim to get there ten minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin. If you have to catch a train or drive across the country, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to allow for potential delays.
  2. Preparation. Do you know what the company does, beyond what the blurb on their website tells you? Any prospective employer will want to know why you have applied to work with them, and the more specific your answer to this question, the better. Rehearse your responses to everything you think you will be asked, and be sure to have plenty of examples to back up your claims.
  3. Pessimism. We get it, it’s hard out there. A constant stream of rejections can be incredibly disheartening, but it is imperative that you don’t bring this attitude into the interview with you. Be upbeat, enthusiastic, and polite – greet your interviewer with a hearty handshake and speak as confidently and articulately as possible.

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