Do recruiters really look at a LinkedIn profile? How important is it and what should or shouldn’t you include on one? These are just a few of the questions that our professional CV writers and coaches are often asked by clients. The team has tailored hundreds of customised CVs and LinkedIn profiles over the years, so we thought we would share six of their top LinkedIn facts.

Do they or don’t they?

Yes, recruiters do look at your LinkedIn profile and some even use it as a first port of call to screen candidates. In fact, as many as 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn for this very reason.

The whole package

Your LinkedIn profile is an extension of your CV and should be treated with just as much care and consideration. A sloppy profile doesn’t really say much about your “attention to detail” does it?

Is it a match?

Make sure that all the information on your LinkedIn profile tallies up with that on your CV. Check for any inconsistencies and ensure you update it along with any changes you make to your resume.

Deal Breaker

Not all jobs are equal. If you are in sales, business development or marketing and don’t have a professional LinkedIn profile with a good number of connections; what sort of message does that give hiring managers? It could definitely be a potential deal breaker for client facing roles.

Best foot forward

Endorsements are a great way for recruiters to learn about your skills and experience, however, they can also be misleading. Hide or delete endorsements that don’t reflect your real expertise.


Last but not least keep your profile photo professional and importantly current; remember to update it in case your appearance changes.

We hope our team has been able to answer some of your LinkedIn questions. In case your profile could use the expertise of one of our professional CV and LinkedIn writers, call us on +44 20 7100 6656 or email enquiries@citycv.com. Our team, led by award winning recruitment industry veteran Victoria McLean, know exactly what recruiters want to see in today’s increasingly competitive and complex job landscape.