Head Hunter

LinkedIn has fast become the go-to tool for recruitment with around 80% of jobs worldwide being advertised on that platform alone. So you really can’t afford to ignore its importance in your professional arena if you are ever likely to consider moving jobs. Here are some ways to increase your chances of being approached for a new challenge.


Recruiters perform basic keyword searches; LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search function finds people within a certain region with the target skills, education or experiences required by the role they’re recruiting for. So research job descriptions for your target roles, and work out the skills, actions or essentials that can be used for keyword searches. Make sure that you get a good scattering of these words in your LinkedIn skills list and the professional LinkedIn profile summary. Use them in the bullet points that describe you and your experience. A professional CV writing service like City CV can help you to do this so that your key words are optimised to attract approaches.


Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your skills, strengths and industry sector; they will be full of industry recruiters and line managers or potential new bosses. Writing a good LinkedIn profile is key, but do also stay up to date with industry news and initiatives, which will help your credibility on interview. Make contributions and new friends; join in discussions. Become an influencer or a thought leader. Keep up to date, and get involved with group discussions.


Let people see your profile changes; recruiters will be updated on their contacts’ LinkedIn activity as they need to time approaches effectively. Knowing that you’re looking is crucial; success in getting headhunted is all about making yourself look attainable. Even if you’re keeping things quiet from your employer, you can make subtle moves such as looking at recruiter profiles, so they know you might be thinking about a move.


State explicitly if you are unemployed. Recruiters like available and highly motivated candidates. There is little stigma in the current environment, although you do need to carry off the unemployed ‘look’ with professionalism and confidence. Stay positive and focus on your skills and knowledge, rather than redundancy disaster stores. You are a valuable candidate who happens to be currently available, rather than a jobless desperado who’ll take anything.


Stay relevant in your field, and demonstrate that relevance by following key industry figures; you will look good simply by association. Follow those with good LinkedIn advice where you can; recruiters frequently follow thought leaders; they need to know the movers and shakers, but the next tier of upwardly mobile types are where they will earn most of their fees.

If you are an executive with a wealth of experience to draw on, or a senior professional with a huge skillset to offer, never has it been so crucial to demonstrate this on your LinkedIn page. To find out how City CV can help you with a keyword-rich, focused profile, call +44 20 7100 6656 or send an email to enquiries@citycv.com.

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