A well-written, targeted CV is just one tool when it comes to finding the right job. An equally important document is the covering letter, which piques the interest of prospective employers, and increases the chance that they will read your CV, and subsequently extend an invitation to an interview. So cleverly crafted Resume Cover Letter writing can be an invaluable tool in your job hunt.

But it’s not just applicants who benefit from submitting a cover letter. Companies can easily narrow their search by requesting a letter, says Wade Foster of Zapier: “Resumes are a really easy way to bulk-spam a lot of potential employers. Cover letters aren’t. By asking for a cover letter that includes certain information, [employers] are sure to get fewer candidates of much higher quality.”

“Modern resumes are often just lists of places people have worked and gone to school, while the cover letter gives you insight into how people think and present themselves,” says entrepreneur Kelly Azevado. “You can tell a lot from the focus of the cover letter, how someone explains transitions, and how he or she frames the resume for you. If you just request a resume, you’re missing an important piece of the puzzle.”

“I always look at candidates who write a great cover letter much more seriously,” says Raoul Davis at Ascendant Strategy. “Taking the time to do a custom one signifies that the candidate has a high interest in your organisation and pays attention to detail. Those who only send a resume or a template cover letter are clearly indicating they are applying for numerous jobs at once, and you didn’t deserve an individual email.”

So what exactly does the ideal cover letter consist of? “At the very minimum, a cover letter has to address three key questions,” says Victoria McLean, Director of City CV. “Employers will want to know; why are you pursuing a career in this industry? Why are you applying for this specific company? And what is it that appeals to you about this role in particular? It is crucial that you provide well thought out answers to these questions, including a strong knowledge of the company’s reputation and values. Being able to justify your chosen career path and explain why you think you will be a good fit with prospective employers are the kind of things that will help you stand out.”

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