Finding your dream job after graduation might feel impossible, however, a graduate career coach can help you transform your degree into a career.

9 benefits of a graduate career coach

Helping you to identify, set and achieve your goals, a graduate career coach can help you achieve so much more as opposed to navigating the job market entirely alone.

The post-degree search can often feel overwhelming and uncertain, which is exactly why you need a graduate career coach in your corner. We’ve explored some of the benefits of investing in a graduate career coach below:

1. You’ll better understand the graduate career market

Transitioning from university into the ‘real world’ and choosing a career for yourself can often be jarring and difficult. With more than 13,000 graduate vacancies available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Graduate coaches – like our City CV career coaches – know their way around the market, making it easier for you to find your feet.

2. Graduate coaches help you understand your journey

If you’re unsure of your skills and competencies, a graduate career coach can help you to identify them. They will also have a better understanding of how those skills translate into a career, often suggesting roles that you might not have previously considered.

3. Conquer imposter syndrome

An important part of the graduate career coaching process is confidence building. Up to 82% of people suffer with imposter syndrome, meaning they harbour self-doubts and feelings of fraudulency in their work. Graduate career coaching can help you overcome these thought patterns and build confidence.

4. Highlight areas you need to work on

A graduate career coach can act as a helpful mentor when it comes to areas you may need to work on. Rather than experience a painful learning curve once you’re already in a role, you can work through things with your coach beforehand.

5. They can help you improve your CV

A graduate career coach may be able to help to work on your CV with you. Having a stand-out CV is absolutely essential to getting an interview. For tips on what to include, how to make your graduate CV shine and get it noticed, read our article on How To Write The Perfect Graduate CV.

6. Give you an insight into the interview process

Graduate career coaches earn their money by knowing what it takes to succeed at an interview – it’s what they do. Therefore, rather than going in ‘blind’, you’ll have the benefit of insider expertise behind you when interview day comes around.

7. They offer an accessible service

The beauty of graduate career coaching in 2022 is that it can be done virtually. Whether you’re based in London city centre or Suffolk, you’ll enjoy the same service.

8. Performance improvement

Graduate career coaching isn’t just about insider expertise and finding your perfect role, it also covers your body language and communication skills. Coaches can advise you on how to conduct yourself in a professional environment via interview role play, giving honest feedback that will set you up for life.

9. A wide range of industry expertise

At City CV, our career coaches have experience within industries like Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Consultancy, Hospitality, Travel, IT, Legal, Marketing and Education, to name just a few. We’ve helped graduates secure roles at major companies such as Apple, JP Morgan and BBC, and we know what it takes to stand out from the competition.

Is a graduate career coach worth it?

Consider this – if a graduate career coach helps you to secure your ideal role, how does the salary compare to the coaching cost? For that reason, graduate career coaching often boasts an impressive return on investment. 

To get a better idea of the value behind graduate career coaching, read about what other people have to say about their interview coaching experiences, and find out more about our graduate career coaching services.

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