Webinar: Hanover & City CV Present: Sorry Not Sorry. Why Women Apologise Too Much

On March 8th at 12.00pm we’ll be celebrating and supporting International Women’s Day with a special webinar.

On March 8th, we will be hosting a webinar in support and celebration of International Women’s Day 2022. The topic is relevant to every woman in the workplace and one where we can make a practical and real difference to female equality.

Many women in the workplace begin practically every sentence with the word ‘sorry’. They say, ‘Sorry, is this a good time?’ ‘Sorry, can I come in?’ ‘Sorry, can I speak?’ The ‘sorrys’ that we sprinkle through our days make us appear less confident and competent.

How to talk confidently, and unapologetically, about your achievements in an interview is one of the most common challenges we address in our coaching sessions. 

Victoria McLean, Founder and CEO of City CV, will discuss the negative impact the ‘apologising habit’ has on careers and how to break that habit for good.

She will share:
• What impact over-apologising has on your career
• Why women apologise more than men, especially in the workplace
• Top strategies to break the habit

This webinar will show you how you can talk confidently, and unapologetically, to get the balance right.

Ongoing employee engagement and training

Our ability to support you doesn’t just end with International Women’s Day. Take a look at some of our most popular workshops and webinars here, all fully-tailored to your organisation and employees. The City CV team would love the chance to discuss with you the ways that our training and advice can help you and your teams navigate these topics.