Webinar: Hanover & City CV present – Be the change. Period: Menopause and the workplace

On February 3rd at 12.30pm we’ll be discussing how to 

According to the Guardian “almost a million women in the UK have left their jobs because of menopausal symptoms”. Yet, women aged 40-55 are often at the peak of their careers and have so much value, experience, and knowledge to give. It’s time that more companies put support structures in place for women and create a culture where everyone feels comfortable talking about the menopause.

In this episode of our exclusive webinar series, Hanover and City CV will walk through:
• What the perimenopause and menopause are
• The impact of experiencing the menopause in the workplace
• Why women at menopausal age are leaving employment
• How to support women at work, with plenty of practical solutions and real-life examples.

This is a must-attend for all HR leaders who recognise the need to address this at a company-wide level. The webinar will be delivered by Victoria McLean, Founder and CEO of City CV, part of the Hanover Group.

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