Webinar: ‘Making Sense of the Menopause: Women, Work and the Way Forward’

This year has seen a dramatic rise in the coverage and conversations around the menopause. This once-taboo subject has finally become a topic for open discussion in the corporate world. Research, and the many advocates on the topic, continually demonstrate the devastating impact it can have on women personally and on their careers.

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‘Making sense of the Menopause: women, work and the way forward’ is a one-hour interactive webinar for business leaders and managers who want to ensure their organisation is high-performing and inclusive. Attendees will leave the session with actionable insights and clear steps to implementing a menopause support framework within their organisation. The session will include:

1. Key challenges female employees face during perimenopause and menopause
2. The real impact on an organisation – from people to performance
3. Turning headwinds into tailwinds – empowering senior female talent
4. How to ensure diversity – things to consider in your hiring strategy
5. Key steps to creating psychological safety in the workplace
6. How to train leaders to support colleagues

The session will be delivered by three of our in-house experts, all with a unique insight into the organisational challenges and personal impact the menopause brings to the workplace.