Our CEO, Victoria McLean was delighted to share her top interview advice in the 24th January edition of Woman’s Own magazine. Here we share the top interview tips from the article ‘How to shine in a job interview’.

Tip 1: Do your prep

It’s vital you prepare thoroughly. Research the role and how you are the best fit. Research the organisation. How will you bring value to the role? Your preparation could also include a mock-interview with someone you trust to give you honest feedback.

Tip 2: Impress on the day

Although an interview is the time to really sell yourself – don’t generalise. You’ll need to give concrete examples of what you did in your previous roles. And it’s not just about what you will be asked. Come up with some questions that you want to ask the employer. This makes you not only appear interested in the company and role, but also means you will have more of a conversation.

Tip 3: Get sorted for online interviews

Appearance and environment are just as key online as they are in-person. Make sure you have a quiet space, with a good internet connection, and appropriate background. Ensure you have the right meeting details and are on time.

And however the interview took place, it’s always best practice to follow-up with a courtesy note after the interview too.

If you have an interview coming up, or are currently looking for a new role and need help securing an interview, contact the City CV team to chat about our range of services, from CV writing to interview coaching, that can help you land that dream job.


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