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It’s June and the weather is (for the most part) bright and sunny, which means graduation season is almost upon us. New figures released by TotalJobs.com have given an indication of what university leavers really think about the current job market and their own prospects.

What Grads Say About University:
An Honours degree is a hefty investment; three or four years of your life. It doesn’t bear thinking about the crimes which carry a shorter prison sentence. But is a four year course, along with £10,000 debt, worth it?

The short answer is yes. 73% of grads say that university has helped their employability prospects, while 87% believe that, upon leaving university, they possess the appropriate skills for an entry level position in their chosen sector. There were a fair few, however, who thought that university was simply “education for education’s sake.”

What Grads Say About Internships:
With applicants outnumbering entry level positions, more and more companies are going down the ‘unpaid internship’ route. But does this actually help the graduate, or is it just unpaid labour? Surprisingly, 53% of graduates think that unpaid internships are fair, as they provide candidates with much-needed experience in their field.

What Grads Say About The Job Hunt:
The survey also showed that students’ salary expectations are nowhere near as high as they were when they began their studies, dropping from between £20,000 and £25,000 three years ago to £15,000 and £20,000 today. These much more realistic expectations also mean that young jobseekers are broadening their search; 74% of graduates will gladly relocate if it means securing a job in their industry, and 38% would even go so far as to move abroad for the right company or role.

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