Masterclass: City CV & Hanover present ‘Launch Your NED Career & Create Your NED CV’ on 6th June at 10.00am

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Playing an active role in the success of another organisation can be hugely beneficial to your executive career. Whether you’re currently seeking a new challenge, launching or diversifying your portfolio career, or contemplating a staged route to retirement, this could be a great time to explore Non-Executive Director roles. We firmly believe you are never too young to start thinking about being a NED.

As a Non-Executive Director, you’ll have an opportunity to help steer an organisation in the right direction, helping them to be profitable, perform to an optimum level and have a strategic plan for the future. It’s not about running the organisation but making sure it’s well run. Protecting its reputation and credibility. Enabling its future growth. Facilitating success and supporting the board. This leads to positive gains all round. One NED described the decision to join a board as “one of the more purposeful things I have done in my life.”

Making it on to the shortlist for a top Non-Executive Director (NED) role is a demanding process and your CV is usually the initial ‘make-or-break’ component. Your reader will bestow just a few seconds of attention to your CV before making their first screening decision, so you need a strategic Non-Executive Director CV that positions your strengths and experience as a perfect match with your target role.

In this one hour masterclass, you will learn tips and strategies from Victoria McLean, CEO of Hanover Talent Solutions and award-winning, international career consultancy City CV. Victoria is career industry expert, award-winning Board CV writer and coach, who has helped over 30,000 candidates secure their dream role. Victoria has developed a nuanced and strategic approach, which fuses market knowledge with a deep understanding of recruitment techniques to help build your personal brand and create a compelling CV story.

The masterclass will be delivered by Victoria McLean, CEO of City CV & Hanover Talent Solutions.