To discover how your CV can beat the Applicant Tracking system you first need to ensure that your CV can be read by ATS software. Once your CV is accurately being read by the ATS software, it will become easier for you to tailor your CV and beat the Applicant Tracking system.

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This is what you will learn from watching Victoria McLean’s part 1 “How to beat the Applicant Tracking System” video:

Keyword and keyword research: This is a crucial step to ensure your CV beats the applicant tracking system for the jobs you want and apply for. The right keywords in the right places on your CV will allow your CV to beat the software. Victoria explains how you can discover keyword patterns to help you with your keyword research. 

Customise your CV for every role: Victoria explains the importance of customising your CV for every role that you apply for. This may explain why your CV doesn’t even get considered by hiring managers or recruiters even though you have a perfect match of experience and skills. 

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