If you are considering a career in investment banking, it really pays to know which sector you wish to target: are you interested in equity trading or is M&A more your area? Do you know the difference between front office & back office roles? Unfortunately, there are fewer graduate jobs than ever before, with greater competition and more restrictive entry requirements, so you don’t want to spend a hard-won internship in the wrong division. It really won’t help your chances of securing a role in your target area if you have effectively wasted time in a completely different one.

Tens of thousands of graduates apply to each of the major investment banks every year and with application numbers through the roof, you application has to be 100% accurate and precisely targeted. On top of that, the interview process is tougher and more selective than it’s ever been. Rather than waiting till after your summer break to get your applications sorted, it pays to start now: many schemes open before the end of August so, before you go away, you need to start thinking about where and what you want to apply for, and get a thorough understanding of what all the divisions do.

Having a comprehensive understanding of the investment banking environment and graduate recruitment market will give you the best possible chance of success while navigating the application processes.

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