With UK unemployment at its lowest since 1994, the job market is not looking especially robust. Government cuts are being felt across the country and the private sector doesn’t appear to be creating enough jobs to pick up the slack from the job losses which have already taken place in the public sector.

Fewer jobs means increased competition and experts are warning that this might prompt UK jobseekers to look elsewhere. With the employment market continuing to look shaky, there’s a real possibility of a ‘talent exodus’ as more people look abroad, at places like Asia, for jobs.

We work with myriad organisations from SMEs to global giants, public sector bodies and charities, providing tailored outplacement support and employee engagement & retention programmes. We also work with leading universities and business schools to accelerate their student employability.The individuals we support range from mid-career professionals to top executives, CEOs, non-executive directors, and members of the board. Our client reviews and successes are a testament to the life-changing impact of our professional writing and coaching services.

Our team comprises former industry professionals, HR experts, headhunters and coaches from top-tier private, public and third sector backgrounds, each with powerful coaching, interviewing and copywriting skills.

Together we’ve recruited and consulted at every level, both in the UK and internationally. We are experts at knowing how to transform careers.
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Our team comprises former executive head-hunters, HR professionals, interview coaches and recruiters, each with powerful copywriting skills. Together we’ve recruited and consulted at every level across a range of industries both in the UK and internationally, so we’re experts at knowing exactly what employers are looking for. With such an outstanding combination of specialist skills, we pair new clients with a CV writing or coaching expert who is perfectly in tune with how to position them for success within their chosen field.

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