TELEGRPAH,  17th April 2023: Finding work in midlife isn’t always easy – here’s what you can do to improve your chances

Below is a short excerpt.

If you’re past a certain age and you’ve found yourself without employment, you may know that horrible feeling of doors closing in your face. Where they were once in hot demand, some people of a certain vintage may feel they’ve become invisible in the job market. But that could be about to change, with evidence showing that older people are starting to return to work.

Victoria McLean from City CV says: “We know age discrimination exists, but generally employers recognise that by hiring someone more experienced, they’ll get a really strong candidate who will stick with the job and be a good influence on the team. And the job market is so buoyant now that you’re in a great position, whatever your age.”

However, McLean advises against including your age or education dates on your CV. And only cover the last 15 years of your experience, mentioning previous roles briefly in an “earlier career” section. “And tailor your CV to each role, so you’re as close as possible to what the company is looking for. In interviews, focus on the positives of your experience, and don’t forget to include voluntary work, entrepreneurial skills and consultancy.”

The majority of CVs are now assessed with an applicant tracking system that searches for keywords, says McLean. To get yourself into the interview pile, “Make sure you use the right keywords on your CV to match a role and job description, using language specific to your sector.”

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