CITY AM, 2nd October 2023: ‘No silver bullet’: why blind hiring won’t guarantee fair and effective recruitment

Below is a short excerpt.

Blind hiring is the removal of personal information from applications – it is designed to reduce the risk of bias. In theory, it helps the employer to focus on each candidate’s suitability for a given role, undistracted by factors that are, on the face of it, irrelevant. But does this increasingly popular practice truly ensure a more effective and equitable selection process? 

Victoria McLean, CEO of career development consultancy Hanover Talent Solutions, agrees, noting that blind hiring can help to make its exponents more diverse and inclusive employers. 

“You could attract a broader range of applicants, because candidates may be more likely to apply if they know that bias is eliminated and they won’t be discriminated against,” she says. 

The article can be read in full here.

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