Securing a new role depends on more than just having the right qualifications and experience. In today’s competitive market where first impressions are often a measure of success, confidence at the interview stage can be the differentiating factor that sets you apart. 

While some people seem to naturally exude self-confidence, others may find it challenging to convey their skills, abilities and experience effectively during interviews. This is where the power of interview coaching comes into play.

How confidence plays a role in job interviews

Confidence isn’t just about feeling good. It’s the ability to communicate well and present yourself in the best possible light. During a job interview, confidence can influence how you’re perceived by the hiring manager. In fact, results from a survey of 2,000 hiring managers found that 33% knew within 90 seconds if they would hire a candidate.

When you’re confident, you’re more likely to be seen as competent, capable and ready to take on the responsibilities and challenges of the role you’re interviewing for. A lack of confidence can mean you miss the opportunity to show the hiring manager this, even if you have the right skills for the job.

Confidence can come across in different ways during an interview. It’s reflected in how you speak, sit, maintain eye contact and respond to challenging questions. According to the survey mentioned above, interviewers said the following were reasons not to take an application further:

  • Nervous body language, e.g. crossed arms (20% of interviewers)
  • Failing to make eye contact (65% of interviewers)
  • Voice quality and overall confidence (40% of interviewers)

When you’re confident in an interview, you’re better equipped to articulate your experience and expertise and demonstrate how you’ll bring value to a potential employer. Confidence also helps in building rapport with the interviewer, creating a positive impression that they’ll remember.

The transformative impact of interview coaching

Coaching is a great way to learn how to boost your confidence and impress potential employers during an interview.

This form of personalised training helps you prepare for common interview questions and focuses on improving your communication skills, body language and overall presentation. 

There are many benefits of interview coaching, both during the interview process and for your professional development. Here are its six key advantages:

1. Confidence building

Coaches guide you on managing interview anxiety, building a positive mindset and projecting self-confidence. This newfound confidence also extends beyond interviews, positively impacting various aspects of your professional and even personal life.

2. Enhanced self-awareness

Interview coaching encourages you to reflect on and identify your strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. This increased self-awareness allows you to strategically position yourself during interviews and highlight your skills and experiences in a compelling way.

3. Improved communication skills

Coaches work closely with you to improve your communication techniques, ensuring that you can articulate your thoughts clearly during interviews. Improved communication skills not only help you succeed in interviews, but they also have a lasting impact on day-to-day professional interactions.

4. Mock interview practice

Through simulated interview sessions, you’ll familiarise yourself with common interview questions and scenarios. Mock interviews allow you to refine your responses, identify areas for improvement and adapt your approach based on feedback. This helps you prepare better.

5. Personalised feedback

Coaches provide constructive feedback tailored to your specific needs. This personalised guidance helps you understand your interview performance objectively, enabling you to make targeted improvements that significantly enhance your overall success.

6. A worthwhile investment

Interview coaching boosts your job prospects and enhances your professional development, setting you up for career success. While the tangible benefits may not be immediately apparent, the cumulative effects make interview coaching a highly worthwhile investment.

Leveraging the benefits of interview coaching will ultimately help you stand out from other candidates and present yourself as the best person for the job. This is especially important when you consider that only 20% of candidates who apply for a job are selected to attend the interview.

The long-term benefits on career growth

The impact of interview coaching extends beyond the immediate job search. The skills acquired through coaching are transferable and can contribute to your long-term growth. 

For example, the improved communication skills you gain during interview coaching can help you in various aspects of your career, including networking, client interactions and presentations.

Your new-found confidence will also have a ripple effect on your overall self-esteem. This can help motivate you to pursue ambitious career goals, take on leadership roles and seek out challenging opportunities.

Succeed in interviews with City CV

The transformative effects of interview coaching will empower you to navigate your career with a sense of purpose and conviction. By building self-awareness, honing communication skills and instilling confidence, interview coaching paves the way for successful and fulfilling career journeys.

City CV’s interview coaching services offer a comprehensive solution if you are looking to enhance your interview performance and secure your desired role. Our personalised coaching sessions both prepare you for specific interview scenarios and equip you with the techniques you need for long-term career growth.

If you’re ready to take your interview skills to the next level, your personal career coach is only a few clicks away. Contact us to learn more.