The New Year is here, heralding the end of 2017 and promising new starts, new opportunities and time to reinvent a better, healthier, fitter, happier version of you. But hang on, the ‘old’ you may well be the version you are happy with. So why not keep hold of all you have built and achieved so far and continue on that bright trajectory. The recruitment industry is booming and 2018 could be the year for your next big role.

So many opportunities

More than 9000 recruitment agencies were established in the UK last year. They wouldn’t be there if there weren’t jobs to fill so why not make one of those jobs your new one? Avoid last-minute panic with an up-to-date, ready to send CV and get your application to the top of the pile. If you think 2018 will be the year you change roles, do the groundwork now and take a long, hard look at your CV rather than desperately trying to remember everything you’ve achieved before the job application window closes. Lookup results, any changes you’ve made to the bottom line, or productivity, or where you’ve saved budget. The very process of studying your CV and work history will remind you of the great things you have achieved and will add colour to your interview story as well.  And with only 2% of all applicants for corporate roles being invited for interview, your CV has to sell the very best you there is!

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Companies hungry for new recruits

Recruitment indicators point to around 50% of UK companies expecting to hire in 2018. That gives a lot of opportunities for you to look for a new position. Perhaps you are one of the 25% who already plan to change jobs this year or perhaps you will only know when your perfect job presents itself. It may lead to you applying for a different role within your current company or looking to pastures new but if you do decide the time is right, be sure your CV is ready to show you at your best, highlighting and quantifying your achievements.

Embrace technology in 2018 for your next big role

There is no denying the fact that technology has changed almost all aspects of modern life and that extends to job searches and applications. Recruitment agency Hays recently reported on the elements they believe will change the face of recruitment in 2018. These are wide-ranging, extending from the use of AI and analytics to match candidates with roles to on-the-ground recruitment to fill a growing number of technology and digital-based roles. Some of their predictions may feel a little futuristic – the use of augmented reality and integration of videos in CVs – but it gives even more credence to the need to have a CV absolutely matched to a job description in terms of keywords, skills and requirements. One CV will not suit all applications: you must ensure each time you apply for a role that you are fulfilling the employer’s needs. One aspect of technology most of us has embraced is social media. With around 10 million jobs advertised on LinkedIn worldwide, can you afford not to have a social media presence? Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all rich sources of job hunting and networking but your profiles must be kept up-to-date, professional and well-managed. Don’t forget the photos too – your profile picture has to be professional-looking and remember to do an edit of your photos on your Facebook account. One more statistic: a LinkedIn member with a current profile could be 18 times more likely to be found in recruiter searches.

So what are you waiting for? Take a long, hard look at your CV and decide if it shows the best version of you there is. It’s by no means easy writing your own CV so if you’d like some assistance with yours, City CV can help. And remember to embrace technology. Here’s to a job-happy 2018!