Are you tired of sending out lacklustre CVs that seem to vanish into the job market void? Then we’re here to help. At City CV, we’ve mastered the art of transforming uninspiring resumes into job-winning masterpieces.

It’s time to wave a magic wand over your career prospects and let our CV writing services work their wonders. Learn how we work with you to capture the essence of your professional journey and make you irresistible to employers.

The worst vs. the best CV examples

Let’s face it: a mundane CV is like showing up to a carnival with no fireworks. There are several symptoms of a boring CV:

  • Generic templates. Recruiters spot these from miles away
  • No examples. If you don’t quantify your achievements, your CV will lack impact
  • Layout. An unappealing or outdated layout looks unprofessional
  • No keywords. Without these, CVs won’t get past applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • Too long. Don’t be tempted to cram your life-story into a CV – keep it two pages at most

The best CV examples are concise and well-structured, highlighting key skills, experiences and achievements in a compelling way. Several elements contribute to making a CV the best it can be. They should:

  • Include measurable achievements that communicate your value
  • Use consistent branding to reflect your professional identity
  • Be error-free, easy to read and aesthetically pleasing
  • Customised to the specific job posting you’re applying for
  • Incorporate industry-specific keywords and relevant skills
  • Underscore the unique value you’d bring to the company

In the competitive landscape of job hunting, getting your CV right is paramount. The best CV examples strike a perfect balance between showcasing your unique attributes and addressing the employer’s needs.

5 ways a CV writing service can help

If you never make it to the interview stage, your CV is likely to be the main culprit. That’s where City CV comes in. Our CV writing service is the key to winning more interviews, getting more job offers, and increasing your earnings. Our secret? Let’s explore how it all works. 

1. CV alchemists

The first step is the expertise of CV alchemists. Our team of experts understand the art of turning your unique skills and experience into interview-securing gold. They know how to spotlight your unique selling point, making your CV a magnetic force in the job market.

You’ll be matched with someone who has deep knowledge of your industry. Through an in-depth consultation, they’ll get to the heart of your professional narrative, taking time to understand what sets you apart.

2. Crafting the perfect formula

Armed with this information, your consultant will craft your CV with the perfect blend of achievements, personality and industry trends. They’ll also ensure it’s optimised for ATS, weaving in keywords that propel it to the top of the pile.

3. A spellbinding design

A CV is more than just words on a page; it’s a reflection of your professional identity. Your CV alchemist doubles as an innovative designer, ensuring that your layout is up-to-date, visually appealing and memorable.

4. Review and refine

No work is complete without a careful review. Your CV undergoes a detailed inspection to ensure it’s flawless. Typos and errors are vanquished. No more moments of dread when you realise the CV you’ve sent to multiple recruiters has a spelling mistake. With your own personal CV writing expert, you can rest easy.

5. Enjoy the results

Once you’ve released your new CV into the world, all that’s left to do is wait for the magic to happen. With the help of City CV, doors that were once closed swing open. We’ve taken candidates’ conversion rates from 7% to 40% almost overnight, helping them outshine competitors and secure the jobs of their dreams as these testimonials attest. 

Capture the magic of an outstanding CV

Your CV doesn’t have to be a boring, uninspiring document. It can be a captivating reflection of your professional journey. 

Say goodbye to the ‘blah’ and embrace the ‘ta-da’ of your new and improved CV. Access our CV writing service here or contact us to learn more.