We truly appreciate how stressful looking for a new job can be. So, with International Stress Awareness Week coming up, we thought it would be the perfect time to take a look at how to reduce stress and land that dream job.

Here is our top five tips for taking the stress out of the job hunt:

1. Make LinkedIn work for you

Your personal brand on LinkedIn is often the first impression people have of you. Recruiters consider it an essential tool for screening potential candidates. Showcase your transferable skills and highlight your expertise. Demonstrate your suitability for your target role and the characteristics you want to be known for upfront in your summary.

2. Maximise your network

Let your network know your career aspirations and what kind of role you’re interested in. Many jobs are never advertised.

3. Proactively increase your visibility

Are you silent on LinkedIn or having a one-way conversation? Proactively comment, like and share interesting posts, write an article, take part in discussions and join groups to become visible.

4. Research the market

When you apply for a role, fully research the company. Know about their structure, operations and plans. Gain an idea of their brand identity and culture.

5. Target your application

Everything about your application must demonstrate why you are the ideal candidate. Plan for how to demonstrate that you’re the person they need at interview or assessment.

In a nutshell you should be actively managing your career. Start building your personal brand before you even start the job hunt, get networking, find a mentor, and consider professional career coaching.

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