What does the perfect coach NOT look like?

The easiest way to find the right career coach for you is to know what you’re not looking for. These ‘career coach red flags’, if you will, can include things like:

  • Saying they will write your CV for you
  • Giving you a stack of ‘scripts’ to learn word-for-word during interviews 
  • Telling you they will find you your perfect job, and that you don’t need to do anything
  • Luring you with the promises of industry connections

These are red flags because they’re not about coaching – they are purely transactional.

3 key questions to ask when looking for the right coach for you

A good career coach will provide support and guidance, not take control over your CV and job search. Once you’ve identified a coach you think might be suitable, you’ll want to find out the answers to some key questions, which are:

1. Do they have any expertise in my chosen field or industry? 

This is an obvious one that will ensure your coach is able to give you relevant advice, guidance and information. 

2. Are they specific or generic? 

You should ask the coach to give an example of how closely they worked with a previous client, and how they tailored their approach around their specific goals. This will provide evidence that the coach is able to adapt to specific job markets and requirements. 

3. What is your approach to my career journey? 

They should have a clear, concise, mapped-out plan of action, and be able to tell you what structure your journey will take. If it sounds wishy-washy, that’s probably because it is. 


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