STYLIST, 24th March 2023: Are you part of the Great Regret? Here’s what to do if you’re having second thoughts about your job move

After the Great Resignation saw workers make career moves, some employees are now starting to regret their decision. So, what should you do when you’re having second thoughts about a new role? STYLIST spoke to Victoria McLean, founder & CEO of award-winning career consultancy City CV, to find out more…

Below is a short excerpt.

Did you hand in your notice during the Great Resignation and move on to pastures new, work-wise? 

After the rush of hitting ‘send’ on that email giving notice to your boss has dissipated, and after the honeymoon period positivity of your first few months in a new role has worn off, you might have found yourself questioning your big decision. Would things have been better if you’d just stayed put? Will you ever properly bond with your new colleagues beyond the obligatory small talk about the weather and weekend plans? And why have you found yourself with a whole new set of work woes when this one was supposed to be the dream job?

The article can be read in full here.

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