Metro, September 15th 2022: How to navigate working from home amid the cost of living crisis

After two years of living in lockdowns, many workers no longer want to be stuck in the office, 9-5, five days a week. Metro spoke to Victoria McLean, founder & CEO of award-winning career consultancy City CV, to find out more…

Below is a short excerpt.

Flexible working

Victoria suggests adding up the costs of working from home vs being in the office, including things like travel and childcare, so you ‘have a true picture of your personal circumstances’.

‘If it looks like it would be cheaper for you to switch to working in the office, even just a few more days a week, talk to your employer about the prospect of coming into the office more and establish a hybrid working pattern going forward,’ she adds.


Victoria suggests talking to your employers about additional support available if you have no other option than to work from home full-time.

‘There is already some help available from employers, although it won’t cover the exponential rise in energy bills,’ she explains.

‘Under existing legislation, your employer can already either pay you up to £6 per week to cover additional costs from working from home, or this can be deducted from your taxable income. 

‘It’s also worth noting that if you had to work from home during the pandemic and you haven’t applied for tax relief for this time, it can still be backdated.’

The article can be read in full here.

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