METRO, 5TH February 2024: ‘Gen Z are filming themselves being sacked before sharing it on TikTok – here’s why’

Below is a short excerpt.

Young people participating in a new TikTok trend have been warned after important career conversations have been shared to the social media site.

TikTok videos under the hashtag ‘layoffs’ have amassed more than 300 million views, with users posting videos of themselves being fired.

Victoria McLean, the founder of City CV has warned against participating in the ‘negative’ fad.

‘I think this trend is reflective of a broader shift towards transparency and authenticity in the digital age.’

Victoria is a career coach, and while she doesn’t agree with the trend she has admitted it may ‘make employers who might not be playing by the book pull their socks up’.

‘Social media is all about sharing personal milestones, and I think some young people see hiring and firing as no different – and more than that, I think it’s also reflective of the fact that they feel digital platforms are a place to seek support.’

The article can be read in full here.

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