i News, 30 May 2024: ‘Why Gen Z don’t like bosses: ‘I’d never go back to being an employee’

Below is a short excerpt.

“They see their parents who have worked themselves to the bone, which has made them realise there might be more to life,” says Victoria McLean. As the CEO of City CV, she works with people looking for new jobs and has increasingly seen more people wanting to work for themselves or quitting their jobs in the hope of freelancing.

“There’s this pushback against authority and having the option of doing what you want,” she tells i. “Social media is a big part of it as well. You see these successful people in a way you didn’t 20 or 30 years ago. You see people living perfect lives on Instagram or being able to travel or work from exotic locations or just have more freedom.”

Although Quirk is a young success story, McLean doesn’t believe this shift to freelancing is necessarily a good thing for young people. “If you’ve not worked within a professional organisation it’s hard to know what that should look like. It’s hard to understand the culture, the collaboration, the training, the relationships. You learn a lot from being in paid employment.”

She also thinks people are missing out on not working with older, more experienced, colleagues. “Workforces that are intergenerational work really productively because often young people learn from those who are maybe more mature, more experienced and more seasoned. There’s a lot of knowledge they’re not gaining now. It’s easy to think you know it all.”

The article can be read in full here.

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