Financial Times, Wednesday 01 June 2022: Can HR Executives makes good CEOs?

Can HR Executives make good CEOs?

City CV CEO & Founder, Victoria McLean, featured in the Financial Times article: Can HR Executives make good CEOs?, on June 1 2022.

Below is a short excerpt.

How many HR executives actually set their sights on the top job?

There’s a strong case for existing CEOs supplementing their people-focused skills by working more “hand in hand” with HR chiefs, says Victoria McLean, founder of the career consultancy City CV. But the opposite applies as well, she points out, with chief people officers drawing on the expertise of other executive-level colleagues to fill gaps in their own CVs.

How many HR executives actually set their sights on the top job? After 25 years in coaching and career development, McLean is unsure if much appetite exists. For all the chief people officers she has met with “super high IQs and superb emotional intelligence”, she says that few, if any, have aspired to running a business.

That could be changing. While it’s true that many HR leaders get job satisfaction from supporting the career progression of others, the higher value now placed on people skills is raising their profile, and with it their ambition levels.


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