Euronews, September 28th 2022: ‘It feels like coming home’ Why people are embracing becoming ‘boomerang workers.’

Have you ever considered becoming a ‘boomerang worker’? Euronews spoke to Victoria McLean, founder & CEO of award-winning career consultancy City CV, to find out more…

Below is a short excerpt.

The Great Resignation 

“We joke about our boomerang employees – especially post-career break – that I have an invisible string and my team keep coming back for more!” Victoria McLean, CEO & founder of the career consultancy City CV, told Euronews Next.

She has seen a big growth in the boomerang employee trend in recent years. That’s partly down to generally high levels of employment, meaning businesses are struggling to hire talent and are therefore looking to rehire quality former employees.

But it’s also due to the so-called Great Resignation, which was ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent changing expectations workers had about work/life balance.

“I have also seen, from our candidates, examples of people who left their jobs during the ‘Great Resignation’ when their aim was to get a better work/life balance, but they’ve found the grass isn’t always greener and have gone back to their previous employers, recognising just how good they had it,” she said.

For many boomerang workers, the return to their old employer can be overwhelmingly positive, she added.

“You’ve probably also gained a new perspective, fresh experience and you may be more qualified. You know the team, the systems, and the relationships and it’s likely that when and if you go back, it will feel like coming home”.

The article can be read in full here.

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