CITY AM, 7th September 2023: ‘Brits among least likely to say work important to them, survey finds.’


Below is a short excerpt.

UK workers also came close to last on prioritising, with just 22 per cent agreeing with the view that work should always come first even if it means less spare time.

Careers expert Victoria McLean, who founded City CV and is the chief executive of Hanover Talent Solutions, said the survey signified changing “societal values”.

“This report reveals a significant and in some ways surprising cultural shift, challenging the longstanding belief that your career is a reflection of or determines your identity or worth,” she said.

McLean added: “It’s evident that for many people, the emphasis is shifting away from a traditionally dominant work culture towards a more balanced approach that considers personal wellbeing, leisure and other facets of life.”

The article can be read in full here.

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