BBC Worklife, Monday 20 June 2022: The people who hate working from home

The people who hate working from home

City CV CEO & Founder, Victoria McLean, featured in the BBC Worklife article: The people who hate working from home, on June 20 2022.

Below is a short excerpt.

The Hybrid Working Divide

The loudest voices may be remote-work advocates, but plenty of other people can’t get back to the office fast enough..

Yes, lots of people looking to bag a remote working role right now – but there are also plenty of people who are just as keen to get back to the office. According to a 2022 study by PwC, 11% of US workers would prefer to work full-time in the office, and 62% said they’d like to spend at least some time there. More than half (51%) of managers are also confident their employees would be keen to return to the office full-time, according to GoodHire.

The motivations of these people might vary – some long for the sociability of the office, while others prefer a clear boundary between work and home. But regardless, companies will need to work out how to accommodate the needs of people who want to be in offices as well as those who don’t, as they map out their post-pandemic working models.

Victoria McLean, UK-based founder & CEO of career consultancy City CV, says that businesses are navigating tricky circumstances in which it can be almost impossible to keep everyone happy. “A lot of businesses I talk to are now offering hybrid working, but have one day a week when everyone has to be in the office. This seems to be a good balance of flexible working with having everyone regularly together.”

Working from home
For those stuck working at home and loathing it, McLean recommends taking regular breaks from the computer, telling line managers when you’re struggling and filling the day with lots of personal connection, be it chat rooms or video calls with colleagues. Plus, “set a boundary between your work and personal life so you’re not ‘always on’”.
The article can be read in full here.

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