STYLIST, 15th August 2023: A career consultant’s 4-step guide to finally breaking the burnout cycle

Below is a short excerpt.

According to McLean, burnout cycles are surprisingly common. In fact, she believes that most people who experience burnout never actually tackle the root cause of the problem; instead, they find a Band-Aid solution. So, it’s no wonder it eventually comes back. 

As McLean explains, most of us don’t give ourselves enough time away from the stress of work. In fact, many of us simply trade work stress for domestic stress when we take time away from the office.

“Life is fast-paced – all of life, not just work,” she says. “A long weekend away might not be enough to give you the emotional rest you might need, especially if you have a stressful job. Time off, while cathartic, can also be frantic with family, going out in the evenings and exploring new places. While this is great, it doesn’t amount to a real off-switch. Your mind will probably still be humming when you’re back in the office, even if it’s humming in a more positive way.”

The article can be read in full here.

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