It’s no secret that your investment banking CV must stand out for recruiters and hiring managers to get noticed. The investment banking sector is extremely lucrative which naturally attracts many high quality individuals to pursue a career in this sector. City CV CEO, Victoria McLean, mentioned in one of her investment banking webinars that, on average, there are over 40,000 applications for just 20 investment banking vacancies.

Furthermore, over 90% of hiring managers will make a decision based on your CV alone. We’ve created some top tips below that will help your current investment banking CV stand out from thousands of other candidates.

1) Inject personality into your Investment Banking CV

Add personality by focusing on your achievements and quantifying your success. For example, if you delivered a presentation in your previous position, highlight what the presentation was about, what measurements you used, the results and actionable next steps.

Showing that you are a team player also injects personality. Don’t be shy to say mention you captain the local rugby team for example.

2) Show you are clearly committed to the industry

Your investment banking CV should show the hiring manager or recruiter that this is a long-term career path for you and every step you have taken has been a stepping stone to get you where you are today. Show your commercial awareness and industry knowledge in a unique and creative way. For example, you could start your own blog and share your thoughts on the big industry trends.

3) Display your relevant Academics

Clearly display your relevant degree and your results on your investment banking CV. Achieving above 75% in your degree will make the world of difference when applying for a new position or entering the financial services industry. Show the hiring manager or recruiter that you have high standards and a strong understanding of the fundamentals of investment banking.

4) Summarise your experience and key achievements

If you have years of relevant industry experience, then your investment banking CV must show summarised sections for each role, highlighting your main responsibilities and displaying key results. Hiring managers and recruiters will disregard your investment banking CV if they cannot clearly mark out the above points.

If you are a graduate with no relevant work experience, then we would suggest applying for an internship for Sixth Form students. Some banks offer these internships. It is in your best interest to get relevant working experience as soon as possible. Recruiters will favour students with work experience because it shows they are 100% committed to the industry and they have the potential to do the work. Consider contacting senior employees of local law firms via LinkedIn and spend University holidays interning. Find out how you can write the perfect graduate investment banking CV here.

Investment Banking CV

5) Make sure your Investment Banking CV is formatted correctly

Hiring managers and recruiters don’t read your CV – they compare it. It takes them an average of just 6 seconds to compare your CV to other candidates. They will be looking for super bright all-rounders and if your investment banking CV is not in the correct format – it will be disregarded.

It must be easy to find your academic record, your relevant work experience and skills on your CV . Use short sentences, clear headings and bullet points to clearly communicate important sections of your CV.

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CEO Victoria McLean’s background includes managing recruitment at Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. She travels across Europe, North America and the emerging markets as a keynote speaker at CFA events to advise CFA Charterholders on how to make the most of their CV, interview technique and LinkedIn profile.

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