Career Refinery
Portal & App

The Career Refinery Portal & App has been designed to enhance and develop your talent, improving employee engagement and retention.

It has a measurable impact on your employees’ career development, supporting their career management, wellbeing, and transferable skills.

Blending psychometrics, e-learning, personal branding, and transition support, employees have 5,000+ professional resources at their fingertips.

Enhancing and developing talent


With insights on the latest tools and techniques to promote career development, the Career Refinery is a robust and sustainable way to build knowledge and self-awareness. Above all, it maximises confidence, both in you as an employer and their own career.

These are just a few of the many tools available:

  • 5000+ career development and learning resources​​
  • Interactive, live masterclasses​​
  • Personalised career programmes​
  • Career management enabling informed career decisions
  • Self-awareness and insight
  • Resilience tools
  • New business skills
  • Approaches to building internal networks
  • The ability to track progress and confidence-levels
  • Resources for career conversations / coaching
  • New content every month​​
  • Unlimited usage​​



E-learning – 1,000+ options


Career management - career conversations, promotions, lateral moves, personal brand, career strategy.


Wellbeing - resilience, stress, mindset, pressure, motivation, mental health.


Skills development - productivity, diversity, presentations, networking, critical thinking, client focus


Managers & leaders - leadership styles, coaching, performance management, conflict, team.

Personality Assessments:


Personality, temperament, strengths, learning styles, decision making, assertiveness, emotional control, management skills, giving feedback, stress, culture, motivation.

Career Coaching Videos:


Professional coaches deliver expert sessions on personal brand, communication, resilience, change, mindset, EI, stress, ADHD, productivity, collaboration, self awareness, mentoring, coaching, first time management and more.

Career Refinery Portal & App

Interactive | Live | Weekly Masterclasses

Benefiting from all the resources on the Career Refinery, your team will have access to a suite of practical and informative masterclasses. The series is constantly updated with fresh ideas and relevant content for your employees to tap into.

Weekly topics include:

Personal and professional resilience | Change management | Maximise your professional brand | Leverage your network | Overcome worry | Diversity, equity and inclusion | Identifying career paths | Work-life balance | Relationship building | Effective time management | Internal interview preparation | ‘Sorry not sorry’

Measuring impact

The Career Refinery’s intuitive ‘My Career Journey’ enables users to visualise their career development journey and assess their strengths and weaknesses, helping them develop the self-awareness needed to reach their full potential. Our ‘My Career Journey’ function assesses employee confidence for specific areas:

• Professional relationships
• Resilience, stress and managing change
• Emotional intelligence
• Work-life balance
• Personal / professional branding
• Teamwork and collaboration
• Career conversations, career planning and progression
• Daily performance – creating value and impact

It provides a specific journey for each user, including targeted learning programmes and a prescribed set of activities to work through, followed by an updated measure of progress. It gives each employee the ability to gauge the impact of their learning.

Employee confidence scores provide oversight of the overall impact of the programme. It is an amazing way to track trends in career confidence, monitor the success of our partnership and demonstrate return on investment.

Career Refinery Portal & App

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