If you have recently been made redundant in the public sector, don’t panic. Your skills could be transferable to with privately owned companies and our services such as job interview coaching, cv writing can help highlight your talents.

Building up a length of service with specific capabilities is an important attribute that many prospective employers will find appealing. In the first instance ask yourself what you can you transfer from the public sector to other types of industries.

It may be that you have a unique understanding of particular areas, political climates, processes or how different policies are implemented. If you have worked in project teams, with external contractors or have implemented programmes that have resulted in change, make sure that you showcase these abilities in your CV and at interview.
Drill down to your base skills such as analysis, working with stakeholders, managing others and working on large projects. Emphasise competencies such as an ability to problem-solve and deal with issues from different perspectives.

Prospective employers want to know that you can apply a way of thinking and analysis to a new position. Whatever the role that you have previously been employed in, it is crucial that you outline how you can add value to a new company based on your previous experience.

The expertise of a third party like an interview coach or CV writer will add value to your job search. Contact City CV for a free CV check-up and job interview coaching on 020 797 7718 or email enquiries@citycv.com