We at City CV can see that the world of interviewing is changing. Just as many elements of our everyday lives have been automated, so now has the interviewing process. Are you ready for HireVue, a recruitment innovation currently being employed by some top investment banks? Read on for City CV’s top tips on how to impress your digital interviewer…

What is HireVue?

HireVue is the name of a company that helps organisations automate part of their recruitment process using a screen. And no, we don’t mean over Skype or FaceTime. 

During a HireVue interview you are not asked questions by a human being but by a pre-recorded voice asking you some pre-set questions. 

Your answers are likely to be reviewed by a human recruiter at a later date but, HireVue has created an algorithm that measures several factors such as body language and tone of voice to decipher whether you are similar to existing high performers at the recruiting organisation. This screening stage could eliminate some candidates that don’t match their top performers’ traits. 

Hirevue, new world interviewing

Why use HireVue? 

For employers, HireVue helps them to automate the first round of interviews and we all know that automation saves on resources – time and money. 

For you, the candidate, it’s not all bad news. The HireVue process is really just an interview, even if it does feel a little strange. The benefit is that you’re not subject to any unconscious bias, and if you prepare well you can perform well as the questions are quite straightforward – you won’t be asked any subsequent questions as a result of your answers at this stage. Also, it shouldn’t take very long.

How does it work?

The formula seems to be, although of course it could change: 5 questions, 2 minutes to answer, 30 seconds between each question. Some organisations only give you one chance to answer whereas others give you several chances – make sure you know your potential employer’s approach. It could be over in 15 minutes and you should find out if you’ve been successful within a fortnight. 

Here are our tips on how to impress with HireVue:

  • As with any interview, you need to prepare your answers. Read up on the company, the department, the role; check for any recent press releases or items in the news; if you know people who already work there, ask about the culture and expectations.
  • Research typical questions that you might be asked. This is incredibly important with HireVue interviews due to the time limitations, especially if you only have one chance to answer as you would like.
  • Rehearse: Rehearse your answers in front of a screen, preferably recording you so that you can see how you behave. Try to rehearse with the time limits in place too.
  • On the day of the interview, prepare your technology! Make sure that you have sufficient battery and a strong signal; it’s a good idea to put your device on ‘Do not disturb’ mode and to ensure that notifications are switched off.
  • Think about where you’re going to interview – the employer doesn’t want to see a pile of dirty dishes in the background. Choose somewhere that you feel comfortable and relaxed, that’s quiet and tidy.
  • Think about how you’re presenting yourself too. Make sure that you’re well-presented (smart, well-groomed) just as you would for a face-to-face interview. Focus on the camera of your device rather than the screen.
  • Speak clearly and show some facial expressions (smiling is best but only where appropriate!) but don’t exaggerate and become cartoon-like.
  • Be on guard – just as in a ‘normal’ interview, be ready at all times. Try not to relax too much between questions, perhaps berating yourself for a poor answer – the camera may still be running.
  • Do try to relax as much as possible. If you are feeling nervous then try to channel that energy into some great answers.
  • Be yourself. It is almost impossible to know what behavioural traits the employer is hoping to identify with an HireVue interview so just focus on answering the questions as best you can in the time that you have.

HireVue may be interviewing digitally remastered for the twenty-first century, but at its core, it is still just an interview. The best way to approach it is to prepare, research and rehearse – come to chat with City CV and we’ll be able to share our wealth of knowledge with you about the investment banking industry and how to ace any interview.