Interview coaching pairs job seekers with a trained professional who can teach you various strategies for the interview process, as well as providing feedback from practice scenarios.

In short, an interview coach helps job seekers develop skills and techniques that often prove invaluable during interviews.

Interview coaching explained

A job interview is a potentially life changing process, yet so many talented applicants choose to ‘wing it’ on the day – a strategy that rarely works. In fact, choosing to go down this route is potentially self-destructive. A lack of preparation is normally obvious within minutes of entering an interview.

The majority of interviewees, however, can improve their chance of success. If you think about an interview like you would a performance, you can see how you need preparation and practice to give yourself the best opportunity to make a good impression and win the role.

That’s where a professional coach comes in. Interview coaches have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the questions you’ll likely be asked, and help you prepare to answer these questions in the most effective way. The coach will also work with you on practising your interview techniques, providing constructive feedback that will refine and improve your interview performance.

This whole process is interview coaching in a nutshell.

interview coaching

8 benefits of job interview coaching

Coaching in any capacity is known for building resilience, expertise and experience, but what are the specific benefits that can be derived from professional and executive interview coaching services?

We’ve explored eight of the main benefits below:

    1. You’ll have a better understanding of how the interview process works and how you’re being evaluated. Professional interview coaching is often carried out by those who have previously conducted hundreds of interviews, so they can offer insider knowledge that will prevent you from overthinking when it comes to your turn in the hot seat.
    2. You can get the nerves out of the way during your practice runs. Interviews are nerve-wracking experiences, making it easy for emotions and anticipation to get the better of you. One to one interview coaching can combat this with practice runs and useful, actionable feedback.
    3. The investment is small when compared to the ROI you’ll receive on securing a job – it’s a worthwhile financial investment that you can take with you through your career.
    4. The best form of interview coaching will help to construct a lasting mindset that you can use for life, regardless of the scenario. It can transform you from a passive spectator into an active participant, which has life-changing effects.
    5. If you haven’t had an interview for a long time, it will help reacquaint you with the process, which is particularly useful if your interview is taking place online or via a digital platform you may not have used before.
    6. At City CV, we’ve received countless client testimonials which insist that our interview coaching services were fundamental in building confidence. Confidence is often the key to success when it comes to interviews, which is perhaps why so many of our clients go on to secure their roles, landing senior positions at the likes of KPMG, Deloitte, United Nations and Bayer.
    7. According to a survey carried out by, 48% of people are apprehensive and uncomfortable when it comes to negotiating their salary due to fear and a lack of skills. Interview coaching is specifically designed to improve this skill set so that you’ll no longer feel uncomfortable negotiating your salary – and you’ll know how to pitch yourself in a way that gives you the best chance of getting the salary and benefit package you deserve.
    8. Finally, interview coaching can help you master your elevator pitch, giving you the tactical knowledge you need to sell your story succinctly.

Is professional interview coaching right for everyone?

Coaching for interview skills should be a tailored experience that ensures you personally get the best from your investment. You should take care to ensure that your chosen coach has the industry expertise you require, depending on which sector your ideal role is in.

At City CV, we recognise that no two candidates are the same. For this reason, we create a specific interview training strategy for each individual. Our experienced interview coaches help plan for every type of interview at every level, for every candidate.

One-to-one interview coaching with City CV

We believe that in order to achieve your optimum outcome, you need to work with the best.

That’s why we invest in qualified professionals who offer the industry expertise you need. With deep knowledge of a range of sectors, our experts can save you time, effort and disappointment. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our previous clients have to say:

“When it came to interviewing I didn’t have much success in the past and would even say it was my weakness. However, with Tim’s support I managed to get through three rounds of interviews and receive an offer from the first firm that gave me a chance (I especially found the mock interview and feedback session to be key in my success in getting through the interviews). So it is safe to say that City CV’s methods overall yield results.” – Josh

“After two unsuccessful attempts at securing a training contract at my firm, I contacted City CV for interview coaching. Across 3 sessions, Nick helped me prepare and practise brilliant structures to answer all of the standard interview questions, as well as strategies for dealing with a number of tricky questions.

Subsequently, in my various interviews during the process this year, I felt calmer and more comfortable than I ever imagined possible in an interview – and was able to answer really tough questions without the usual sense of dread or panic. I think the biggest thing I took away from our sessions was a sense of confidence in myself and my abilities. “
Miriam Spencer

If you’d like to access the skills and expertise you need to take your career to the next level, enquire about our interview coaching service today.