Graduate job hunting advicesAccording to recent research, only 17 percent of graduates reported having a job lined up within the first six months on the job market.

If you find yourself among the majority still looking for a job, it’s time to get smart about your search.


Write a great CV

As an entry-level job seeker, you need to keep your page tight on one page. Remove references to your senior school career unless they’re academically outstanding school-leaving qualifications. Focus on presenting, in strong active language, your education, leadership skills, relevant internships and accolades achieved. Set yourself apart from the crowd by avoiding paying a professional CV writer to create the perfect graduate CV.


Invest in your network

You are much more likely to land an interview when your application is accompanied by an employee referral. To get those coveted referrals, you need to network with intelligence and likeability. Connect with former friends, students, colleagues, and anyone you met during your internships. Set up meetings, if only for coffee, where you can. Sign up for careers fairs and other networking events related to the job search or your desired industry.


Build an online professional brand

A recent study found that 94 percent of employers use LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook to recruit and that 86 percent will check out your online profiles once you apply. In other words, if you want to appeal to target employers, you need an impressive online brand. Make sure your Facebook privacy settings are updated! And write a great LinkedIn profile, with a professional photograph. Or pay a professional CV writer to write the perfect LinkedIn profile for you.


Become a detective

Not sure what you want? Don’t worry, this is exactly the right time to investigate all the options you can. Consider your first few jobs to be a crucial part of a discovery process. Use your first employers to learn as much as you can about different industries and decide which type of work you like most.


Don’t be too proud to intern

If you’re having difficulty breaking into your desired field, securing an internship is a great way to get your foot in the door. Many so-called ‘entry level’ jobs require significant relevant experience. If you didn’t intern during your studies, this puts you at a disadvantage. Look for companies that offer some flexibility so you can build your professional CV and still have time to take on a part-time job to pay the bills.


It can be incredibly difficult to create your own amazing CV and hard to be objective about your achievements, while still selling yourself. Why not employ the professional writing skills of City CV? We work with graduates across all industries and have helped countless with graduate CVs, cover letters and specific graduate application forms alongside our graduate interview service. Call today for more information on +44 20 7100 6656 or email enquiries@citycv.com.