Do you want to find your ideal job? Are you just using social media to search for recruitment ads? Then think again. Because social media is also great for researching hidden opportunities.

If you’re prepared to invest time and effort, social media can help you boost your interview success rate. You can even find jobs that never get advertised.

Here are our top tips for tapping in to the alternative jobs market (i.e. all those non-advertised opportunities). They just require some savvy social media networking and research.

It’s all about research, research, research

Identify the platforms that are most relevant to your target industry or companies. Some people think LinkedIn is a bit staid, but it’s still worth following the companies you’d most love to work with. Some will advertise specific jobs on their LinkedIn page. More importantly, many will post business updates and news stories there. You’ll need to know about these in any interview. You can find more tips on how to build your LinkedIn network here.


Twitter remains one of the most popular and influential platforms. That’s particularly so with socially engaged executives and business leaders. This makes it a great place to listen to and, potentially, connect with CEOs and other key people in target companies.

Twitter will also give you a feel for industry issues that matter to the organisation. Create lists of credible journalists, industry experts and influential commentators, because they will effectively filter the news for you. With their help, you’ll see more of the important, groundbreaking and authentic tweets.


Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are perfect for gaining extra insights into a company. Many companies now expect you to check them out on social media before going for an interview. They are also increasingly using these sites to identify talented individuals like you.

Posts on these platforms tend to be more relaxed than on LinkedIn. As such, they can give you a better idea of corporate culture. What are their offices like? What are employees and customers saying about the organisation? Do they throw great parties or support the local community? Do they encourage volunteering or sponsor causes close to your heart? In short, will you be a good fit?

Remember to check out the blogs, vlogs and podcasts on the company website. They often ask employees, particularly graduates and interns, to blog about their experiences. These will give you plenty of valuable material to use in your application letters and interviews.

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