In today’s marketplace, not having a LinkedIn profile is no longer an option. Besides, why would you want to miss out on a responsive web page that might be read by thousands of people… especially when it’s free!

More than that, it’s not only one of the best self-promotional tools around, it’s also a powerful way to research, network with and influence others. LinkedIn’s mission is to make you more productive and successful.

So, let’s start with the facts.

  • LinkedIn operates in over 200 countries and is available in 24 languages
  • Two new members sign up to LinkedIn every second
  • 55 million companies are represented on LinkedIn
  • Over 40 million students and recent graduates use LinkedIn… and more than 756 million users globally
  • 97% of headhunters use LinkedIn as a primary source
  • There are 20 million jobs on LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn effectively, and you’ll:

  • Benefit from a professional online profile to complement your CV
  • Connect with people working in your chosen sector
  • Be able to target organisations by sector, specialism or location
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Here are five great ways you’ll benefit from using LinkedIn

  1. Build your online brand

First of all, your LinkedIn profile is your professional brand – when people (prospective employers included) Google you, your LinkedIn profile is what you want them to know about you, your skills, aspirations and experience.

  1. Boost your exposure

A strong LinkedIn profile will not simply showcase your knowledge, your insights and your personality. It will get you noticed. You’re up there in front of 756 million professionals – and these will include your lecturers, fellow students, recruiters, and future employers.

It’s a place for learning, too. Connecting with other LinkedIn members means you’ll be observing new trends, seeing how industry leaders work and sharing opinions. Get interactive. Ask questions. Comment. When you post regularly on LinkedIn, you’ll naturally boost your own profile – this builds credibility, and you’ll be rewarded in search rankings.

  1. Research potential employers

LinkedIn should be your first port of call for checking out potential employers, especially when you’re ready to start the recruitment process. It’s a great research tool… make sure you follow companies you admire or would like to work with. Did you know that some organisations who recruit on LinkedIn screen out applicants who aren’t following their company?

  1. Get relevant job notifications

One of the key strengths of LinkedIn is connecting you with the right job opportunities. Once you have a solid profile on LinkedIn, you can set email alerts to receive notifications on recommended jobs – specify your preferences and you’ll only receive job alerts relevant to your interests. Check out the LinkedIn Student Jobs Portal.

LinkedIn has a unique feature that isn’t available on other job websites – it tells you how many people in your network or group work at a company… so you can use your network to help you find out more about any opportunities that you are interested in.

  1. Networking

LinkedIn is arguably the best platform for professional networking. It’s all about who you know, and who those people know. Reach out. Be friendly. Give referrals, and you’ll get recommendations. Endorse friends and colleagues.

Strengthen your profile by connecting with your classmates, family, contacts from part-time jobs you’ve had, people you’ve met on volunteer programmes, sports teams, fundraising events plus any other extra-curricular activities you’ve been involved with.

Also, join a group. Based on your profile, LinkedIn will automatically pick out groups that may suit you. Joining these will give you vital access to experts in areas that interest you… and will send a signal to future employers about the values you have.

Don’t be shy about posting comments and starting conversations. Interacting will bring you on the radar with other members, who may become important to you.  And here’s a great tip… you can message group members for free, so it’s a sneaky way to bypass becoming a Premium member of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Works

So, it makes sense to get into the habit of spending time on LinkedIn. You’ll benefit from ranking higher in search lists as profiles are rewarded for consistent interaction. This will keep your network consistently expanding.

Remember that LinkedIn works hand in hand with your CV, so make sure you include your LinkedIn URL on your CV.

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