First impressions count.

You need to grab the attention of potential employers immediately. That means making sure your CV is perfectly aligned with your LinkedIn profile. Any inconsistencies might prove to be not only confusing but also off-putting. When competing for the job of your dreams, there really is no room for error. So read and re-read your profile. Get somebody else to go over it too, because poor grammar, typos and spelling mistakes will only make you look careless and unprofessional.

A headline act

Citing ‘Operations Manager’ or ‘Account Executive’ below your name doesn’t say anything about who you are and what you’re capable of. You have 120 characters to sell yourself and outline the unique attributes you can bring to a role. Think about the kind of company you want to join and tailor your wording accordingly. Try and say something different from everybody else but keep it factual. Use real life examples of your accomplishments that set you apart from the competition. For example ‘Experienced Director with exceptional client relationship skills’ doesn’t say much; ’18 consecutive years of enhancing growth and profits within the retail industry, coupled with pan-European experience’ does. Bear in mind that every communication you generate on LinkedIn will have this professional headline attached to it. So choose wisely.

Face value.

It’s worth investing some time, effort and possibly money into your photo. Don’t be tempted to leave it blank. It makes you faceless and harder to remember. If a professional headshot isn’t financially feasible then at least make sure your photo looks as though you mean business.

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