How many of you have heard the rumour that LinkedIn is “becoming Facebook”? And yes, maybe we’re seeing more personal posts, but we’re all human, right?

But look beyond this rumour, and you’ll find that LinkedIn is a powerhouse that can help you navigate your career, connect you with the right people and even help you land your dream role. For businesses, it can boost your professional brand and help you win new clients.

Top 6 LinkedIn stats for candidates in 2022

If you’re looking for a new job, a career change, or perhaps you’re considering starting your own business or going freelance, there’s a lot to be said for harnessing the power of LinkedIn to help you take your next professional step.

  1. Eight people are hired every minute on LinkedIn – that represents a lot of opportunity and a lot of potential employers at your fingertips.
  2. The platform is becoming a more popular way to hire – there was an 88% increase in hires in 2022 vs. 2021.
  3. More than 70% of recruitment firms use LinkedIn to hire new talent – they are out there actively looking for job seekers. If you’re not there, they’ll find someone who is.
  4. It’s a hotbed for networking, and so often a career is about who you know. Creating meaningful connections on LinkedIn builds your little black book and can take your career further – and there was a 22% increase in LinkedIn engagement in 2022.
  5. There are major organisations hiring on LinkedIn. The top five include Amazon, Amazon Web Services and Tesla.
  6. One study showed that 122 million people got an interview through LinkedIn, and 35.5 million people have been hired by someone they are connected with on the platform.

So, now you know why you shouldn’t ignore it, how do you make the most out of LinkedIn?

How to use LinkedIn to land your dream job

There are a few things you can do to really leverage LinkedIn to boost your career. Firstly, make sure your profile is up-to-date and well-written (we can help you with that). This includes having a professional headshot, a strong headline and a little injection of personality.

Then, you need to become a regular user. That’s not just about writing your own posts, but engaging with others on theirs. Offer your advice or help, comment on what they say – and make sure you do this consistently. This will help to maximise the number of people who see your profile, posts and comments.

This will help you naturally build your network, but you need to do a little bit more to really make some good connections. LinkedIn wouldn’t have the power it does without the people, so who you connect and network with can make a real difference to your career.

Reach out to people in your industry or line of work, and treat the conversation as you would a networking event. As with pretty much anything, it’s about practice. If you do it often enough, you’ll position yourself as authentic, trustworthy and as an expert in your field.

Top 6 LinkedIn stats for businesses in 2023

But it isn’t just professionals that can use LinkedIn as a force for good. Businesses should be using it, too. Why? Here are X reasons…

  1. It has a HUGE potential audience – 875 million people, in fact. And that’s an increase of over 11% from 2021.
  2. Are you recruiting? You’ll find over 50 million people actively looking for a new role on LinkedIn. If you’re not there, you might be missing out on some top talent.
  3. 95 people apply for a job every second on the platform – listing your open vacancies on LinkedIn can help you get in front of the talent you need.
  4. It’s a popular platform amongst recruiters, who say that candidates hired through LinkedIn are higher quality
  5. And it’s not just about finding talent; LinkedIn is also becoming a strong sales platform. In fact, businesses see a 33% increase in purchase intent when they use LinkedIn ads.
  6. Perhaps even better, there’s also double the conversion rate and a six times increase in likelihood to purchase when a user sees your content on LinkedIn.

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