The Telegraph, Friday 22 April 2022: ‘’I lied on my CV for a job at an investment bank’

Employers can spot lies a mile off. Here’s how to make your job application shine the right way

City CV Founder and CEO, Victoria McLean, spoke to The Telegraph, to warn that if you ever feel the temptation to embellish your CV, you should first consider what it could cost you in the long term.

“If you lie, especially if it’s about something critical to your job, and you get caught, you may face disciplinary action or even get fired,” she said. “This can damage both your professional and personal reputation, and you will lose credibility. You may find it difficult to get another job.”

Instead, Ms McLean advised that applicants should first identify what traits the employer is looking for, and then match your own skills and experiences to that model. “Look at the language the employer uses in the job advert and align your CV to that.”

She added: “If you’ve had a career break, briefly but specifically explain why, and focus on the positives it gave you. “For example, if you took time out to care for others, you’ve probably got great time-management and organisational skills. If you went travelling, it can show that you are open to change and new experiences.”

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