Metro, Thursday 14 April 2022: ‘I thought I had it all – but work crushed me’: The death of the dream job

Does it turn out having a dream job is not all it’s cracked up to be?

What’s ‘dreamy’ varies person to person, but there will be roles you’ll have fantasised about having at some point – as we’ve been taught to do so.

Having a job you love and consider to be a dream is highly praised.

But over the pandemic, things changed. Many called the things they formerly valued into question – and one of those big topics was work.

We saw ‘the great resignation’ and more people demand greater flexibility with work longer term.

Attitudes are changing – and we’re waking up to the truth that the reality of ‘dream jobs’ often isn’t so dreamy.

What people are deeming as important is in flux.

According to Victoria McLean, CEO and founder of City CV, believes people are slightly ‘over’ the concept of a dream job.

She says: ‘As much as “dream” jobs are still talked about, for most people, just being happy in a job that pays the bills – and preferably means you still have some money left over at the end of the month – is enough.

‘Even if you love your job, it can’t be great all the time.’

‘Dream jobs are often more demanding of your time and commitment and nowadays, people work to live rather than live to work. People want to have a career on their own terms.’